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Comedic Reel

Dramatic Reel

Collision: By Louisa Adams

My part in the beautiful short film, written and directed my Louisa Adams

Chai with Mom: 

Fun shoot I did with Connor Tillman, directed and edited by Holland Olmstead. I don't own the right to the script! :)

McDonald Moments Commercial:

Sister at graduation and dancer


Kuchipudi Choreography and dance performance in the Bay Area: 

Dancer in yellow and orange 

Sidebar: Written by Shalini Bathina and Richard Weber.

*** Latest Commercial: 

 Time Warner Cable: "Yes Mom." : Daughter 

Rhythms of India: 

Performance at Club Jete, choreography by Shalini Bathina, Shivani Thakkar, Richa Shukla.

Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles - Fusion dance performance:

Dancer in Red

Champagne and Screaming: Written by Shalini Bathina, Caitlin Utting, Holland Olmstead. Directed, and shot by Hailey Chown **we don't own anything


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